Drum Lessons For Beginners

Drummers can ultimately play in bands and perform in live shows. Our curriculum is infused with imaginative exercises and activities to make music learning a fun and enjoyable experience for your child. We tailor our curriculum to the child’s age and learning ability. In our toddlers’ music class, for instance, musical scores are transcribed into numbers that are easy to understand and follow.
Private drum lessons tailored for you to learn and practice efficiently. If you're interested in taking drum lessons I offer a free 30 minute no obligation introductory guitar course sydney lesson at my studio. Peter’s Private Drum Lessons Sydney take pride in their work and students. Lessons can be arranged in either group sessions or one on one tuition.

Top Kidz Academy runs private music lessons and group music lessons for kids and toddlers. We also offer a personalised in-home music tuition service for students who are unable to attend classes on our Vaucluse campus. Our in-home drum class brings the music teacher to your doorstep. Your child does not have to miss out on the best musical training in Sydney. Not only do we offer weekly private drum lessons, but students can also join our rock band program to experience what it’s like to play in a real band and to learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
With the highly effective Pegada Drum Method every beginner learns how to play. 11-year-old Loreto Normanhurst student Gabby Milkins won Loreto's Got Talent with her solo drumming performance a couple of weeks ago. We are committed to providing a high standard of music education.

Brad Hobbs has taught drumming for over 18 years.
That means, learning the drums will teach you how to be exceptionally coordinated and in control of your body movements. Playing the drums also helps develop rhythm and brings you in synch with the music like few instruments can. The drums are also a key instrument for every Rock and Pop band, Jazz or Blues ensemble out there, so you’ll always have a part to play. Learning to play the drums doesn’t stop once your child leaves the classroom.

Mal's teaching philosophy is to provide students with the fundamentals of music and drumming in a way that will help them develop and grow their skills independently. Mal teaches a variety of drumming styles enabling the students to concentrate on the music of their choice. Learning to play the Guitar at a basic level is fun and easy, while mastering this popular instrument offers plenty of challenge, requiring a strong desire to achieve matched with dedication to practice and learning.
In his spare time Edwin enjoys singing in acapella choirs and design. Mitch is skilled in three instruments of guitar, drums and jazz piano. Mitch regularly performs with his band all over Sydney and enjoys sharing fun music with his students. Students will be able to learn more notes, rhythms and songs in the next few drums lessons and will learn how to vary the sounds on the drums.
Get a feeling for rhythm and find out how you can execute the grooves as you gain a basic understanding of the instrument. By the end of this drumming for beginners course, you should be able to read music, count time and play simple rudiments, as you develop hand and feet coordination. Our foreign language department teaches French, Japanese and Mandarin.

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