Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre

Interested in getting your medical marijuana prescription in Ontario, but not sure where to start? There are 18 Canadian Cannabis Clinics locations in Canada, including one at 279 Wharncliffe Rd. N. Opening in June 2015, the London site has seen 1,600 patients and received referrals from more than 350 local doctors, making it the firm's busiest clinic, Levy said.
In addition, through Emblem's joint venture with German pharmaceutical wholesaler Acnos Pharma GmbH, Aleafia expects to access the world's largest medical cannabis market serving more than 82 million people, with access to approximately 20,000 pharmacies, along with access to Australia's burgeoning medical cannabis market upon completion of Aleafia's previously announced transaction with CannaPacific Pty Ltd.

To obtain cannabis for medical use, a patient or client generally needs to register with a governmental authority and a holder of a licence for sale of cannabis for medical purposes, and get an authorization (medical document and written order) from an authorized health care practitioner.
Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) provides Canadians Over the age of 20 with access to our Team of Compassionate Health Care Practitioners that will help you obtain medical marijuana under Health Canada's under Health Canada's Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations or ACMPR.

But as for charging patients for a consultation, Ontario college spokesperson, Kathryn Clarke says the policy is clear: Physicians must not charge patients or licensed producers of dried marijuana for completing the medical document, or for any activities associated with completing the medical document.” According to Bajwa the fee charged by his clinic for the physician consultation goes to National Access Cannabis, not the physician.
GrowLegally represents a community of like-minded professionals,dedicated to helping Canadians that suffer from various symptoms canadian cannabis clinics treated within the context of providing compassionate end-of-life care; or the symptoms associated with medical conditions.

Verbora said demand for medical marijuana is continuing to grow while copycat” clinics pop up to meet the demand. Taylor Buckley of CannaWay says ordering medical cannabis directly from the clinic gives patients access to certain brands and products that may not be available in recreational stores.

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