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Really happy with my results and the process of my surgery. This will depend on the individual and can vary from patient to patient, but there may be some discomfort during the procedure. Usually, it can be administered without anaesthetic buttock filler injections near me as they already contain a small amount of local anaesthetic. However, depending on the area that is being treated and the pain tolerance of the patient, the injector can often apply a local anaesthetic or numbing cream to the area.
The practitioners at The Manse Clinic are patient-focused. We are a clinic with practitioners who focus on face design and advanced injectable, laser and threadlift techniques. Fat Transfer can be used as a stand alone procedure or as a useful adjunct to eyelid surgery, facelift or midlface lift. Any untoward reactions with dermal fillers are rare because this treatment has been proven to be generally safe. The best experience ever.I did breast augmentation and was really pleased with the process and the result of it.I did my research of the best doctors in Australia and decided to go with Dr Hunt. I would definitely recommended to anyone doing this procedure!

Lipo suction over my bum and sides of thighs and the most unexpected results of all I never knew would happen.. When he pulled the skin from the pubic bone up to meet the belly during the tummy tuck, he corrected another deformity with the labials sagging and it appeared as a bum tuck too. I was so confident in my new body that for the first time ever I put a bikini on and walked around for a week in Hawaii with just the bikini on.. I"M so in love with my new body I walk around topless at home because I can't believe what a beautiful figure and shape and breasts I have.I'm so in awe of Dr. Hunt. I nick named him "Dr. It had taken me some time to make the final decision to have my breast lift/augmentation.
2 of my family members have also had surgery done by Dr Hunt over 10 years ago and absolutely love their results still. I would highly recommend him for any procedure or surgery you are looking to have. Three years ago I had a breast reduction by Dr Hunt and not only was it the best decision I have ever made, but I am over the moon with the results!
This enables each to give their own opinion towards the treatment creating a more holistic approach to optimise your cosmetic result. Once the substance is chosen, the technician will then apply a gentle anesthetic to the targeted area. Using a syringe and needle, the filler will be injected under the skin.

After years of back pain, social anxiety, horrible body positivity and size 12F breasts since I was 13, I can say I am the happiest I’ve ever been.I am so thankful and couldn’t recommend dr Jeremy enough. We recently had the pleasure of utilising the amazing skills of Dr Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy is extremely easy to talk to and allayed any fears we had. The outcome of the surgery was more than we could of hoped for as we didn’t present as an easy, straightforward case. I’m sure he could of given my grandma a run for her money with his sewing skills, pure perfection! A typical dermal filler appointment can last between 15 – 30 minutes depending on how many areas you are having treated and how much volume is needed.
Using the worlds only TGA and FDA approved filler, our injectors will expertly fill in the hollows and restore volume to the temples and brow area. Some of our products have the ability to last out to 5-7 years and provide and impressive volumisation, which standard hyaluronic acid fillers cannot match. Results are seen immediately and last from 6 months to 2 years depending on filler consistency and individual patient characteristics.

She is a published author in this area of cosmetic medicine. Once you have decided on a clinic, you will want to make sure that your cosmetic injector will be transparent with you about your procedure. At the right clinic, you should feel comfortable, supported, and well-informed after your consultation. Your cosmetic injector will inform you of the risks and side effects, and answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have, ensuring that you feel confident about undergoing your procedure. Dermal fillers are used to reduce lines, wrinkles, restore volume loss due to ageing, or enhance volume (e.g. in lips and cheeks).
The doctor or nurse then uses a very fine needle to administer the dermal filler to the areas to be treated. With some dermal fillers, however, results may become more noticeable over time. First surgery ever, rhinoplasty and the first thing I spent several months during Covid doing, was thoroughly researching surgeons, reviews, and the procedure. Come September, 9 months in to 2020, having studied the topic, I was drawn and intrigued by Dr Hunt’s expertise, authenticity and style.I decided to book a consultation. I saw this consistency throughout the process – pre op, op day and post op. Throughout the experience Dr Hunt was by far, the most honest and honourable person.

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