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Timber floors will feel and sound different depending on what is supporting them. Floor joists or battens will have more spring to them and feel easier under foot. Some movement at board joints can occur and this is more so with wider boards. Floors on solid sub-floor such as plywood or particle board will have a more solid feel to them and less movement can be expected. Sale is only applicable to WOODCUT timber flooring in stock, during the sales period.
We are committed to offering quality assured products that meet your needs. Hana Timber was established in Sydney to provide the flooring market with a competitive range of products, adding value to homes across the state of NSW. If you are looking for reliable timber flooring supplier in Sydney, contact us now. timber flooring Nothing can be compared to the beauty and elegance of timber flooring as it offers the best warmth for any residential or commercial spaces. Our customers are happy & surprised by the stylish vibe and natural beauty that our timber flooring provide across various places like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

The colour changes based on the ages and this timber is being the most favourite one for flooring. I have worked with WJ Timber on a variety of complex residential and commercial projects for several years. I have no hesitation is recommending WJ Timber to all my clients on commencement of their builds.
WOODCUT uses a sawn cut extraction method when extracting the veneer from the logs, which does not degrade the quality of the veneer, as opposed to a sliced cut veneer. In a sliced cut veneer, the timber is softened by boiling it, and peeling the veneers off using a slicer. As a result, we would never use this method because you have degraded the quality of the veneer by exposing it to boiling water. Slice cutting is a cost saving exercise as you are making the timber softer so you can peel it off. This method is satisfactory for joinery veneers, but not for flooring.
Surprising as it may seem for such a delightful look, a raw French oak floor is a cost-effective flooring choice. Get in touch with us today and find a customised, aesthetic and durable solution to your timber flooring requirements. If you’re looking for someone to go above and beyond to make your floors look beautiful, I would head to aspire floors.

Please confirm sampling colour & grade expectations prior to purchase & installation. Pronto is all about speed and efficiency with the cost conscious consumer in mind. Designed to maximise quality without compromising the performance of the product. Covers the entire supply chain from the management and harvesting of forest resources, processing, manufacturing, sales and distribution of wood products in Australia and around the world.
Talking about style, your new timber floor is available in the colour of your choice. Due to advances in technology, we are now able to match your new floor to the exact colours you love. At Precision Flooring, we remain dedicated to ensuring the ecological mindfulness of our timber.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Aspire floors. They gave excellent recommendations on colour and product selection. Their email correspondence was great and they sent me product samples. Nothing beats natural timber hardwood flooring; the look and feel of real wood brings amazing properties to any space in terms of acoustics and ambience. Traditional, hard-wearing floors with beautiful patterns that bring style and class to your property with the luxurious beauty of real wood in a range of colour variations. Our expertise lies in the supply and installation of traditional solid tongue and groove, Australian Hardwood Floorboards.
Largest range of colours which can be installed as floating on concrete or direct stick on a timber substrate. They provide timber floors with higher resistance against wear thus extending and beautifying the flooring surface. Hardwood timber floors require little maintenance and will add a touch of quality to your home at affordable prices. The timber, otherwise derived as Sydney Blue Gum, is found naturally across Queensland, South Wales, and more. The timber floor style of this type is developed with multiple colours from brown, vibrant pink, to dark.
If you are looking to improve the quality and visual appeal of your home’s interior, wood adds natural beauty and warmth, with great practicality. Many Sydneysiders turn to the professional and fully-qualified oak flooring experts at Aspire Floors for long lasting solution in the Sydney area. The team at Floating Floors Direct aren’t just salesmen they are experts in the trade, each with a decade or more of work under their belts.

Aspire Floors design, fabricate, and install beautiful and custom-made timber floors across Sydney’s metropolitan region. As the leading producer of beautiful timber floors and stairs, we are the envy of others in the business in Sydney. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed. Flooring is a fundamental part of our range of products at Master Woodturning.
MFS Flooring is an independently run local Sydney company and we value our relationship with our customers. Our team of timber flooring experts are pleased to help you decide the most suitable, stylish and cost-effective flooring product for your space. Passionate about all things flooring, Aspire Floors knows how to use innovative methods and techniques to great effect, making sure that the timber floor we install is exactly what you want. Highly-durable and treated to reduce damage caused through everyday use, our timber flooring is perfect for all types of interior surface.
Touching up and repairing the floor is straight forward because, being a raw timber product, the final work is completed on-site using the client’s choice of stains and finishes. The installation was done swiftly with attentions to details while there was still a lot of other work going on in the house. 3 months on, we are still quite happy with the floors, and no faults were spotted so far. The guys at Aspire worked with us to level the floor and achieve the best possible finish for our house. Choosing one of our hygienic floors means less time will be spent on maintenance. They attract little in the way of dust, making it an easy process to keep them looking their best.

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