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Our hair transplant surgeons are renowned in the hair restoration field and specialise in both follicular unit extraction or FUE and follicular unit transplantation which is also known as the strip method. We are unique in the UK to address hair loss using a three-step non-surgical protocol using hair loss medications, laser hair restoration and hair loss injections in combination for optimal treatment. If you want the latest information about the best hair transplant techniques in the uk, then the Westminster hair transplant clinic London, with our headquarters situated in Harley Street, can help.
Finally, the grafts are transplanted into the affected areas of thinning hair. Our practitioners have performed numerous SMP procedures in combination with hair transplants. When you combine SMP with a hair transplant, you can achieve the look of fullness with the SMP while having the real texture of a hair transplant. A successful eyebrow transplant requires exceptional aesthetic surgical ability to achieve the most superior and natural appearance. Due to the prominent position of Eyebrows, it is critical that your chosen hair transplant clinic understand the true significance and facial aesthetics. Our team are passionate about the service we offer, unlike a lot of other providers/clinics, our entire staff are exclusive to us.

For those of us who were planning on elective surgery such has a Hair Transplant in another country, we have been put at the back of the line in terms of priority and ability to travel. Fortunately, Hair Palace of Budapest has been listening to their patients and has now created a remedy for no travel and affordable prices in London. Our team of experts are here to help you with any query you may have, so let's start the conversation. This is the reason why our executives do in-depth research work to fetch organic and informational keywords. In July, we started with the growth at 150 and after a number of ups and downs, we maintain everything consistently.
FUE hair transplantation is now far more popular, through a special motorised punch, the team extract one individual hair graft at a time from the back of the the patients head. These hairs are then placed meticulously into the area of baldness/recession.This punch is miniscule in diameter, resulting in virtually no scarring/mico-scarring. As scarring is minimal, patients are able to retain and maintain short hair on the sides and back of their heads. FUE surgeries are generally less painful in the post operative period. Centre for Surgery specialise in the full range of treatments for hair loss in both men and women at our specialist hair loss clinic at 106 Crawford Street.

We ensure that any complications you might face are handled as quickly as possible. We will then book a free online consultation for you, to understand your needs better. We offer no-obligation phone or video consultations and post-operative aftercare appointments five days a week by our medically trained case managers or aftercare specialists online. While your initial surgery will take place in Turkey, we do have professionals performing DHI and FUE hair transplant UK who are able to offer full support throughout your recovery.
If you're happy with the advice and treatment proposal, all that is left to do is schedule your treatment and the years of suffering will soon be in the past. Our payment plans are designed to break your treatment cost into monthly repayments from 12 to 36 months. Took a little while for the results to start as expected, but when they did it really kicked in. We are confident in our results, and that is why our Pay As You Grow™ and Pay l8r payment plans have been designed for you to pay conveniently while regaining your confidence and hair.
I had a few questions, but they knew their stuff and made me feel real comfortable. A qualified professional will have the knowledge and experience in diagnosing what is wrong with your hair and/or scalp and will then give expert advice on a varied range of hair-linked lifestyle issues. Other treatments carry a low price tag, but results don’t last long, and you end up spending more on multiple treatments. On the other hand, with FUE, you only need to pay once, and results can last a lifetime. What makes us unique is our approach to give you all your options and most importantly, how to prevent further hair loss.

I’m absolutely happy and content with the pattern of my hair growth after few weeks of the treatment and I’m very thankful to MPH. Comprehensive hair and scalp evolutions; we can offer you the best available options specific to your individual needs. Our team of highly trained hair loss professionals includes award-winning stylists that will provide you with the most natural look and up to date styles. At the London Hair Clinic, we take pride in providing complete privacy and confidentiality all while offering complete customer satisfaction. In as little as one week you can get your hair back using the most up to date hair replacement solutions on the market today. You can still live an active lifestyle like swimming, playing sports, enjoying social events and gatherings.
The number of hair to be transplanted depends on the size of the area to be treated. In addition, the number of grafts is determined by your hair structure, hair colour and natural hair density. For example, if you have thick hair, which is dark in colour and has a steep texture, you need more hair than when the hair is thin, dark blond in colour and curly. There is no one price fits all when it comes to hair transplants, and they can be an expensive procedure – depending on how extensive the work is.

Surgeries deliver results, but it may not deliver the results you are looking for because your expectations are not based on what is surgically possible. A good doctor should be able to align what you expect from surgery and what can be delivered. The Belgravia Centre is the UK's leading hair loss clinic for a reason! Find out about the clinics and why our medical facilities and hair loss products set us aside from the rest, and meet our team of more than 70 members of staff.
A procedure that consists of removing the follicles in the form of a scalp strip, from which several samples of hair are subsequently extracted and reinserted into the recipient areas. This surgery may lasts over 7 hours, which requires local anesthesia and allows the grafting of up to 3000 hair follicles. It is important to note that this technique is increasingly used less after the appearance of others that allow greater follicle extraction, in less time and with less consequences for the patient. The most important step of the procedure; we begin by implanting the single extracted hair follicles along the desired hairline to ensure a more natural-looking final result.

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Very few can deliver a professional service whilst ensuring that all clients receive first -class personalised treatment, turning what can be a daunting experience into something of relative ease. Both Kevin, Dr Karla, and their surgical team certainly did this (and then some!) Once my mind was made up to have hair loss treatment, I was keen to get my transplant done asap. Kevin exceeded all my expectations with this - it’s hard to believe that my journey from first consultation to surgery happened unshaven hair transplant in the space of one month. Efficiency did not stop there - on the day of surgery, my transplant was completed in less than 6 hours, all the while ensuring that I was comfortable and pain-free. Security is the best word that comes to mind to describe Dr Karla’s care -you know you’re in experienced hands! Now I can look forward to the results over the next few months, with the added peace of mind that the Harley Street Clinic team are only a phone call or email away to address any concerns.

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